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The hamlet on the island. - €0

Lombardy | Lake Iseo | Land | Plot | built

1 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | 60 m² Covered Area | 15 m² Terrace | Communal Pool

http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9415ok_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/lake_view_from_the_back_garden_decimosesto.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/c_block_decimosesto.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9175_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9200_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9217_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9224_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9235_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9268_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9262_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9255_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9334_1_copia.jpeg http://www.tobo.win/img/property/2016/08/0/mau_9436_1_copia.jpeg
Property Summary Ref: 3802062937

Recognised as one of the “MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN ITALY”, MONTISOLA is the heart of Lake Iseo. In its timeless atmosphere, the Old HAMLET OF SINCHIGNANO is reborn through an informed and traditional restoration. The noble splendour and humble crafts of the rural SIXTEENTH CENTURY are revived in the exclusive residential complex of the hamlet of DECIMOSESTO.

From housing to commercial areas, the setting of the hamlet of Decimosesto is an opportunity for comprehensive hospitality. The theme of a return to tradition, just like the dried river sardines, the fine olive oils and excellent local wine, is also the background for a future in which one discovers that being happy is the only goal of man. In the restoration process 20 apartments were obtained with common areas for greens, sports, spas and 4 commercial areas of shops and restaurants, flexible as concepts of hospitality. There is a helicopter landing area, panoramic rooftop pool with a sun terrace and a sports centre just 200 metres away which enrich the actual potential of these historic residences, unique to Montisola.

River pebbles form the cobbling of the square and Sarnico stone was used for the reconstruction of supporting walls and exterior paving. These five thousand square metres are still imbued with the noble aura of the Brescian bourgeoisie of the sixteenth century. The hamlet of Decimosesto has seen the beginnings of a growing tourism.

At the time, the pressing of the grapes and of the olives gave origin to the wine and oil of Montisola, which today are the certified quality produce of the region of Lombardy. The restoration has enhanced the historical instruments preserving the presses and barrels. Fully restored are the cellars, the porches, the arches and capitals, the open which were at the time used to store hay and other agricultural products. This is a glimpse of authenticity in which Montisola and its typicalities are fully revived today.

The manor house, with two floors inhabited by the nobles and an attic, for the servants, overlooks the ancient courtyard. It faces the rustic house. It has stables and cellars below, with inhabited rooms on the first floor and barns on the second floor. Today, as it was then, the large attic overlooks the inner square. The porch is also full of charm, with its open loggia. The nobleman's villa, to the west, overlooks the lake and the Eastern Lombard mountains that surround it, from its terrace on the tower.

A half-hour drive from the hills of Franciacorta, at just over an hour from Milan's fashion and the capital of culture 2016, Mantova, Lake Iseo is the epicentre of a wide variety of interests and cultures. From sports to shopping, from art to history, from nature to metropolis, everything is at close hand and reachable from anywhere in the world.



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